Why You Should Seek Treatment From Our Orthopedic Physicians in Kansas City

One of our Orthopedic Physicians in Kansas City

Most of us are guilty of ignoring our health.

We’ve all skipped a workout class or ignored a nagging pain that just won’t seem to go away. But those small concessions can have big effects. And if you find yourself suffering from an orthopedic injury, you need someone who will prioritize your well-being.

Our team at the Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance is committed to you every step of the way. But if you’re not aware of who we are or what we do, then allow us to explain why you should consider seeking treatment from our orthopedic physicians in Kansas City.

Why Orthopedics?

About 3.5 million people suffer from organized sports-related injuries every single year. And sports medicine is only a small part of what we do.

Orthopedics has to do with treating the muscles, tendons, and bones, which keeps our providers pretty busy.

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Still, we love our work, and we’re extremely proud of everything we do. Orthopedic injuries can have long-term effects and leave patients with significant pain. Our treatments, from physical medicine and rehabilitation to joint replacement, are performed by qualified medical providers with years of real-world, in-person experience.

Our History

The Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance isn’t just a catchy name—we’re a true alliance in every sense of the word. Once, we were three separate organizations, but in 2021, we combined our efforts to create something truly special. But what were these organizations that first made up KCOA?

Apex Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

Apex Orthopedics and Sports Medicine was founded in 1967 to provide orthopedic care to the community and sports medicine solutions to injured athletes in the Kansas City metro area. We have always been motivated to offer treatments to people who need them most.

Dickson-Diveley Orthopedics

Dickson-Diveley Orthopedics was founded over 100 years ago. In that time, we’ve helped countless patients just like you feel their absolute best. We’ve always been here to provide results that you can feel for yourself.

Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Consultants

Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Consultants (OSMC) has always cared deeply about helping people feel their best. Innovation is always a priority for our team, and we are proud to continue to make KCOA a go-to orthopedic destination.

Those aren’t the only clinics that make up KCOA. In 2024, we added two new practices as well.

Midwest Orthopedics

Midwest Orthopaedics is a fantastic clinic that provides a variety of different services. Their team has some of the best medical practitioners in the area, and we’re so excited to work with them. We think you’ll be impressed too.


We’ve also started working with the Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Clinic of Kansas City. OSMCKC is a top resource for sports medicine in the area. If you want to treat and sports injury and get back to your physical routine, OSMCKC is an excellent resource.

Our Values

When we started this alliance, we knew that we should be prioritizing the patients every step of the way. Seeking out any kind of medical treatment can be scary, but we’re here to make the entire process as comfortable as possible.

Not only do we involve physicians in the planning process, but we also take steps to lower the price of treatments. Everyone deserves the chance to receive personalized, expert-backed treatment, no matter how much money they have in the bank.

Meet With Us Soon

If you’re looking to receive quality care from trained orthopedic physicians in Kansas City, then you should consider meeting with KCOA.

We have the resources you need to feel your best and maintain your results for longer. Sit down with us for a consultation, and we can begin planning your treatment.

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