A Deeper Look Into All of KCOA’s Orthopedic Services in Overland Park

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After an injury, you need a qualified provider. You need a provider with the practical skills and knowledge to help you recover as efficiently as possible. But more than anything, you need a provider who can give you the options you need to make your best healthcare decision.

At the Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance, we have several different specialties to get you back on your feet after an orthopedic injury. It’s a benefit of having more than 60 providers at your disposal to deliver the right care for you.

If you think you could benefit from our care, then join us as we take a deep dive into all of KCOA’s orthopedic services in Overland Park.

What Injuries Requires Orthopedic Care?

How can you be sure if you should reach out to an orthopedic clinic? And what exactly is orthopedic care in the first place?

Orthopedic providers are tasked with treating several different parts of the body, including the bones, muscles, and tendons. A common reason someone might come to our clinic is because of a sports-related injury, like a torn ACL.

Now, you may not be sure if you could benefit from orthopedic care, but we recommend reaching out to us if you’re suffering from symptoms related to a specific event or injury.

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For instance, if you felt a painful pop in your knee while exercising, that is a good sign that you might need orthopedic services.

Multiple Specialties, Multiple Clinics

The Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance is an organization comprised of the top orthopedic clinics in the area. We have locations in Kansas City, Overland Park, Merriam, Leawood, Belton, Shawnee Mission, Blue Springs, and Prairie Star Parkway.

One of our primary philosophies is that everyone deserves orthopedic care, no matter who they are or where they come from.

Our clinics stand out for a number of reasons, and we think you’ll notice the difference when you step through our doors. If you need quality orthopedic care, then you should consider visiting us at KCOA. We think you’ll be glad you did.

Treating Everyone

Everyone is at risk from orthopedic injury, even those of us who are particularly active. And there are few people more active than children! If you’re a parent, you’ve seen it for yourself—kids are filled with energy.

They’re always running around, and all it takes is a stumble for an orthopedic injury to occur. When your little one has a sprain or fracture, you want someone who is qualified to provide adolescent care.

Adolescent care is one of our specialities. We know that there are plenty of differences between treating kids and treating adults. You can rest assured that KCOA is the right choice for adolescent orthopedic care.

Assessing Your Injury

If you’re considering using KCOA for your orthopedic care, the first step is to learn more about the specifics of your particular condition. Before we begin your care, we need to complete a consultation.

The consultation is simple, but it’s also an incredibly important step in the KCOA process. First, we will ask you some questions about your condition.

We’ll ask about where you’re having symptoms, when and how the pain originated and the types of activities that trigger the symptoms.

We will also complete a physical exam so we can get a closer look at your condition. From there, we will offer you a recommendation for your next steps. We value your input during this process, and we never prescribe surgery unless it’s the last resort.

In-House Imaging

Convenience is a hallmark of our practice. Patients may not have time to visit multiple centers or locations to receive an accurate diagnosis and plan for treatment. When you visit a KCOA facility, most are equipped to provide imaging services at the time of your visit.

Our in-house imaging options, which include X-rays, MRIs, and electromyography, let us take a closer look at your condition before we recommend a treatment.

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Each of these methods has different advantages, which is very useful when trying to understand the cause of your particular condition. We want to make the most informed decision possible when prescribing one of our orthopedic services in Overland Park.


As we said above, surgery is always our last choice when it comes to your orthopedic care. When possible, we like to treat patients with rehabilitation and physical medicine.

Physical therapy can be a very effective choice for many patients looking to recover following an orthopedic injury. It is not an overnight solution, but it can be a great option for patients committed to the process.

We always stress the importance of collaborative decision-making and then following the recommendation of your provider.

Our only priority is to help you feel better, so do your best to follow through with your therapy program. With the help of rehabilitation and physical medicine, you can begin to feel your best again.

Pain Management

Orthopedic injuries can be particularly painful, and nobody should live their life with chronic pain. Fortunately, we offer solutions to long-lasting discomfort.

If you’re suffering from intense pain as a result of your orthopedic injury, reach out to one of our providers, and we can offer you a number of effective options. Consistent physical therapy can help you alleviate pain.

Injections for relieving pain and reducing inflammation is another possible option for certain patients. Injections can be delivered using a variety of different methods including the use of fluoroscopic or ultrasound guidance to ensure the medication is delivered directly into the painful structure. 

The use of orthobiologic injections is also sometimes warranted as a means of reducing pain and inflammation utilizing the body’s natural healing properties.

Sports Medicine

Sports injuries are extremely common amongst our patients.

At KCOA we see injuries from athletes of all ages. From adolescents to older adults, we have experts ready to assist you. Whether it’s a sprained ankle from playing basketball or tweaking your shoulder in pickleball, we’re here to provide the care you need to get you back in the game.

Some sports-related injuries can be avoided by taking the proper steps to warm-up, stretch and avoid overuse.  Most injuries seen in the clinic are the result of a sudden movement, twist or an unusual force being placed on one of our joints that may truly be unavoidable. 

If you feel sharp pain, have swelling in a joint or lack or motion, it’s important to consult an orthopedic expert.

Your options for sports medicine may include:

  • Physical therapy
  • Prescription medications
  • Pain injections
  • Orthobiological treatments
  • Orthopedic surgery

Thanks to all of these orthopedic services in Overland Park, we can find the choice for your treatment.

Workplace Injuries

You can fall victim to an orthopedic injury everywhere, not just on the basketball court. Workplace injuries are all too common in the United States.

If you’re injured on the job, you want someone who will help you recover and get back to work. 

We understand how stressful this process can be and will work with you, your employer and their insurance company to provide the best care possible to allow you to return to work as quickly and safely as possible.

If your profession is particularly physically demanding, then we can tailor your treatment to keep you safe and healthy while you get back to full-duty.

We will also keep you in the loop every step of the way. We will communicate with you during every step in your recovery to ensure you are engaged in the treatment plan and know what to expect throughout the process.


Orthobiologics is all about taking advantage of the body’s own materials to provide pain relief and recovery.

One of the most common examples of orthobiologics is PRP injections. PRP—or platelet-rich plasma—is found naturally in the patient’s own body. We will first take a small sample of blood and separate the plasma from it. Then, we will reinject that plasma into the treatment area.

This plasma is filled with biological materials that stimulate cell growth, so you can feel better again. We have a number of orthobiologics experts, so let us know if you’re interested in this exciting orthopedic speciality.

Joint Replacement

The idea of a joint replacement surgery may be a little intimidating. We understand—we don’t ever want you to have to undergo an invasive surgery unless it’s absolutely necessary. But sometimes, surgery is your best option for getting back to normal.

A surgeon performs one of our Orthopedic Services in Overland Park

If a joint replacement is necessary, KCOA has the most highly trained experts and the most advanced technology available to ensure we have every option available for our patients.  Technology such as the use of robotic assistance for the physician is available at KCOA and our experts have performed thousands of joint replacement procedures using these advances.

If you’re considering a joint replacement in Kansas City, let KCOA be the resource you turn to to seek the answers and treatments you need.


As you can no doubt tell by now, variety is important to us at KCOA. We don’t just want to specialize in a single orthopedic branch—we want to be proficient in as many specialties as possible.

And we want to keep you in the loop about our orthopedic services in Overland Park, which is why we started our own orthopedic blog.

Edited and curated by our own orthopedic specialists, this blog is the perfect way to get the inside track on everything we do. No matter which of our different orthopedic services you’re interested in, we have a blog with all the information you need. So, give it a look!

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