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KCOA is Growing—Learn About Our Expansion & Careers at Our Orthopedic Centers

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Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance is currently the largest, independently owned orthopedic specialty practice in the Kansas City metro area. We’re proud of that unique distinction, but our mission has always been to expand our capabilities even further—with the goal of providing the most convenient, top-level orthopedic care to all.

That goal is one of the primary reasons that we decided to open our new clinic in Merriam, Kansas. Not only does this new location allow us to serve more patients, but it also allows us to expand our treatment and technological capabilities—which creates better care outcomes for our entire community.

With this new expansion and other projects we’re working on, we continue to seek caring, dedicated individuals from a wide range of backgrounds to join our KCOA team. Read on to learn more about our available careers and what patients can expect from our clinics in the near future. 

Job Opportunities at KCOA

KCOA currently offers 5 orthopedic clinics throughout the Kansas City metro area. In addition to our new location in Merriam, we also offer orthopedic services in Overland Park, Kansas, Leawood, Kansas, Kansas City, Missouri, and Belton, Missouri.

KCOA is growing. We’re excited about this growth because it creates opportunities to bring talented individuals to our expanding team. We have needs for a variety of different skill sets across multiple locations in the KC Metro.  

Because patients can choose where they receive care, we need individuals who both provide and support the delivery of that care in all locations. If you’re interested in starting or expanding your career in orthopedic healthcare, KCOA has an opportunity for you.

We have plans to continue our growth today and into the future, as the need for orthopedic services in our community continues to grow.  That’s why we need you to join our team!

When people work at KCOA, they can expect a fast-paced environment that challenges them each and every day. Based on the company’s evolving needs and the role you apply for,  applicants may have the ability to work on a hybrid schedule or at multiple locations across the Kansas City metro. If this sounds like an opportunity, you’re interested in continuing reading about why KCOA should be your choice for your next career. 

More Than Great Care, We’re a Great Place to Work!

If you’re looking to make a change in your work life, all 5 of our locations are hiring new staff members for a variety of different roles and positions! This includes positions involving direct patient care—such as physicians, advanced practice providers, and medical assistants—as well administrative, scheduling, and other supporting departments. 

We currently offer immediate openings for the following positions:

  •  Patient Care Technicians (PCT)- Athletic Trainers/Medical Assistants
  •  Advanced Practice Providers (APP) – Physician Assistants/Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners
  •  Front Desk Team Members
  •  Call Center Specialists
  •  Surgical Scheduling Specialists
  •  Surgical Pre-Certification Specialists

Beginning or continuing a career in orthopedics also offers a wide array of benefits and opportunities. In addition to outstanding advancement potential and benefits. These include:

  •  Competitive Salaries
  •  PTO
  •  401K options
  •  Full Health, Dental and Vision Plans
  •  Opportunities for Career Advancement in a Growing Company
  •  Remote and Hybrid Opportunities for Certain Positions
  •  Sign-on bonuses available for certain positions 
  •  Firm Commitment to Community Support and Charitable Contributions

Beyond compensatory benefits, you’ll also get to make a meaningful difference in the lives of your fellow community members. KCOA prides itself on being a leader when it comes to creating amazing outcomes for patients seeking relief from both acute and chronic pain. We see the difference we make every single day when patients reach out to us with joy as they experience a life with improved function and decreased pain. 

Our tremendous staff makes all of this possible. At every position within every department, we’re humbled to have some of the brightest, most caring individuals in the entire area as a part of our team. When you’re working at KCOA, you’re working with a team that’s not only committed to patient and personal success—but the success of their fellow team members as well. 

Working here will provide employees with the opportunity for unmatched learning and growth within their career path. All of this while living in a fast-growing metropolitan area with so much to offer for individuals and families alike!

What Does KCOA Look for in an Applicant?

Some of the available positions we offer will require an advanced degree or certifications—particularly those involving direct care. Other opportunities may require a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent work experience. Regardless of your experience, our clinics take pride in hiring applicants from a diverse range of backgrounds.  

We’re looking for caring, empathetic people who are great communicators and who actively engaged in learning and listening.  You must be self-motivated, hard-working and willing to work as an individual or part of a team to create the best outcomes for our patients and fellow team members.  We value diversity in ethnicity, experience and thought processes. 

We need team members who value progress and change that leads to improvement in the healthcare system as a whole.. Each of our 5 locations make it a priority to offer the highest standard of care to every single patient on every single visit. 

The goal of every KCOA employee is to help these patients get their lives back and enjoy a life free of pain. Whether through direct patient care or other service positions, employees will all play a vital role in helping our locations provide the best care experience possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions About KCOA Careers

How do I apply for a position?

You can apply for an open position by:

Do you offer hybrid or work-from-home opportunities?

Yes! Multiple positions have the flexibility to work from home if you choose. 

Are there opportunities to get involved within the community?

Yes, KCOA has a Charitable Committee that provides employees with a number of different opportunities to give back to organizations within the Greater Kansas City metro area. 

Does KCOA offer additional education opportunities?

KCOA offers multiple different avenues for employees to grow and develop within their career path. This includes teaching, mentorship, and learning opportunities from some of the brightest minds not just in Kansas City, but throughout the Midwest.

What exactly makes KCOA so highly rated as a practice?

Simply put, it’s the experience and care that we deliver for our patients and their families.  Our patient satisfaction scores are consistently above 90% in the Good and Great categories when we ask about our service and the patient experience.  Over 93% of patients would recommend KCOA to their friends or family.  We do the best we can everyday to meet or exceed patient’s expectations.

Interested in Joining Our Practice? Contact Us Today!

At Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance, we make it our mission to create a superior patient experience for all. Regardless of the location or severity of a person’s injury, our team will work with you to ensure the best possible outcome. 

If you’re interested in beginning a career at one of our orthopedic centers across Kansas City, we encourage you to apply on our website. You can also call or email Tami Seaman from our Human Resources team for more information at:(913) 319-7574 or HRKCOA@kcorthoalliance.com