Orthopedic careers in Kansas City

Discover a Fulfilling Profession With Orthopedic Careers in Kansas City

When looking for a career, what do you look for? Obviously, compensation and benefits will be a huge factor for just about anyone. But beyond that, different people have different needs and goals when it comes to the career they choose. Some people look for a great work-life balance. Some people want remote work opportunities. Others just want a career where they feel like they’re making a meaningful difference in the world.

If you fall into one of these categories, an orthopedic career in Kansas City might be the path for you! Though there are several great orthopedic careers and workplaces throughout the area, Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance offers a unique opportunity to learn and grow alongside a highly talented team of professionals. This, in addition to other great benefits such as competitive pay, fulfilling work, and a thriving, affordable community to live in.

If you’re interested in orthopedic careers in Kansas City, read on below to learn more about the benefits of this career path, the advantages of living in Kansas City, and what KCOA looks for in potential candidates.

Benefits of an Orthopedic Career in Kansas City

There are a host of benefits that come along with choosing a career in the orthopedics field. Working with a team, learning and growing, career advancement opportunities and caring for people are just a few of the benefits our team members receive.

When working in an orthopedic career in Kansas City (or anywhere, for that matter), you’re making a direct impact on the lives of hundreds of people within your community. You’re helping them achieve a better quality of life and actively improving their wellbeing. 

Whether they’re visiting because of an acute injury or due to the effects of decades of wear and tear on the body, many patients come into clinics like Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance at a low point in their lives. 

Their symptoms and lack of function have left them unable to perform daily tasks or take part in their favorite activities, whether it’s playing a sport or spending time with loved ones. Understandably, their mental and emotional health suffers along with their physical health.

With an orthopedic career in Kansas City, you get to experience the joy of helping your friends and neighbors get their lives back. Being part of a care team, whether it’s as a physician, associate, nurse, assistant, patient care or X-ray technologist or other position, you’ll guide patients through the treatment process and help them achieve improved health and wellbeing. 

After doing their part to help a patient through a treatment, team members get to experience the joy and satisfaction of seeing patients live healthier, happier lifestyles. You get to watch with pride knowing you helped patients—who previously were limited with some part of their lives—partake in the activities they love most once again. 

With that being said, the work is more than just fulfilling—it also comes with a host of additional benefits. Orthopedic careers, particularly ones at Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance, also offer the perks of highly competitive compensation, benefits, and advancement opportunities. You’ll have the opportunity for continued growth and education, while also being part of a highly talented and dynamic team that loves what they do. 

What Do You Look For in an Orthopedic Applicant?

The people who work at orthopedic clinics, including Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance, come from a diverse array of backgrounds. Different positions will require varying amounts of education and experience, along with differing skills, attributes, and traits.

Some orthopedic careers in Kansas City, such as members of the care team, will require specialized training and advanced degrees. This may include an undergraduate degree, a degree from an accredited medical school or other healthcare training institution,  residency, and board certification.

Other positions may require a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent experience working in a similar role. It’s important to note that there are numerous additional medical careers outside of physically caring for patients at KCOA. Many of these positions may require a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent experience working in a similar role. 

These team members are critical to the success of the clinic and contribute significantly to creating a great patient experience. These include careers in administration, medical records, the workers’ compensation department, scheduling and pre-authorization of procedures, call centers, and more!

Beyond certain backgrounds, experience, skills, and education, one of the most important things any orthopedic clinic looks for is how well you’ll fit in with your potential team members. 

At KCOA specifically, our goal as a staff is to provide premier patient care in Kansas City by bringing in the most talented, driven applicants we can find. We look for skill sets and experience that meet our qualifications, positive attitudes and people that care about the work product they produce. Applicants must fit with the values and mission of our organization in order to become a KCOA team member.

Benefits of Working in Kansas City

It doesn’t matter which clinic and which city you look at—each one will have a need for talented, driven applicants who want to improve the lives of their communities’ members. However, when searching for an orthopedic career, the Kansas City area in particular offers unique opportunities and benefits for people looking to grow and advance their professional lives. 

Medical professionals working in Kansas City get the distinct advantage of working in a thriving medical market that offers a wide array of referral sources throughout the area. In addition to Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance, there are numerous high-ranking hospitals and practices throughout the area. This immensely benefits the members of our community, and also opens the door for countless collaboration, training, and educational opportunities. 

Not only is the medical market in Kansas City great, the city itself is wonderful as well! Kansas City has achieved numerous accolades for its livability, quality of life, and atmosphere. In KC, you gain all the opportunities of a large community while still maintaining a small-town spirit. This includes a growing technology industry, award-winning arts, championship-winning professional sports teams, and more.

Those with families find Kansas City and surrounding communities to be great places to settle down and raise children. Kansas City, as well as neighboring suburbs like Overland Park, Leawood, Blue Springs, Merriam, Belton, Lee’s Summit, and others have received high marks in numerous areas. These include schools, cost of living, beautiful public parks, and more. 

Truly, the Kansas City area has something for everyone, and that’s especially true for those searching for career opportunities at an orthopedic clinic!

Why is Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance the Right Place for Me?

Those seeking orthopedic and other medical careers in Kansas City find countless options available. Whether you’re looking at a large research hospital or a smaller practice, Kansas City has a number of great choices for a career in the medical field. That said, the opportunities offered at Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance for prospective applicants are second to none. 

We’re dedicated to helping patients gain real, long-term solutions that allow them to participate in the activities they love and live life to its fullest. With 6 locations across the Kansas City metro, KCOA is the largest independently owned orthopedic specialty practice in the area. 

A primary goal of our merger is to advance patient care for our entire community, while remaining committed to providing cutting-edge treatments and a wide array of education and training opportunities. We want to be this area’s trusted resource for any musculoskeletal needs by providing unmatched care and the latest technological advancements. 

Most importantly, our goal is to always keep the health and wellbeing of our patients at the forefront. When searching for applicants, KCOA makes it a point to ensure all new members of our team meet our standard of providing the best care possible to each and every patient we see. 

We look for people who emphasize the importance of building trust and forging relationships with patients. We believe great care comes from those who invest themselves in a patient’s journey, with a particular emphasis on safety, communication, education, and collaboration. 

If this sounds like the type of environment you’d like to be a part of, we’d love to hear from you! We’re always on the lookout for qualified applicants who take particular joy in helping patients regain their health and wellness. When you become part of our team, you truly get to experience the satisfaction of a career that’s both rewarding and offers the opportunity for professional growth.

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