Stem Cell Injections

For patients with tendon injuries or osteoarthritis, the thought of surgery can be daunting. However, at Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance we offer a powerful non-surgical option: Stem Cell Injections.

What do stem cell injections do?

A Stem Cell injection (also called Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate or BMAC) is a cutting-edge regenerative therapy that aids in the healing of moderate to severe osteoarthritis and tendon injuries. Mesenchymal stem cells are undifferentiated. This means that by replicating themselves, the stem cells can form various cell and tissue types. In cases of deterioration, these regenerative cells drive the healing process. However, as we age, the number of stem cells we have naturally decreases. During BMAC, we concentrate the regenerative cells in an injection that will provide more robust growth and repair.


Where Do the Stem Cells Come From?

Stem cells are obtained by harvesting bone marrow from the patient’s own pelvis. The physician will use local anesthesia to ensure minimal discomfort. Ultrasound guidance makes for more a more precise removal. Then, the physician runs the harvested bone marrow through a centrifuge, which concentrates the stem cells and growth factors.


The physician will then inject the concentrated product into the injured area. The patient receives this injection on the same day as the removal. Patients may notice some post-injection soreness due to an inflammatory response. Any soreness will typically resolve within a few days.


why is regenerative medicine best?

Prior to the development of both PRP and BMAC, treatments for osteoarthritis and tendon/ligament issues targeted symptom relief. Regenerative stem cell injections do so much more. They slow disease progression, aid in healing and regrowth, and provide symptom relief.  Our physicians provide all of this using a patient’s own cells and at very little risk to the patient.


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