The Top Choice for Specialty Orthopedics in the Kansas City Area

A specialty orthopedics team member examines an x-ray

You want a clinic that can provide medical solutions nobody else can. When you’re dealing with a painful orthopedic injury, you don’t want to be limited by a clinic’s outdated technology and medical capabilities.

Every patient deserves to be treated by medical professionals at the top of their field. Enter the Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance. KCOA has assembled a team of highly trained orthopedic surgeons and specialists who understand all aspects of this valuable medical specialty.

We are committed to offering specialty orthopedics for any and all patients who need assistance. So, don’t ignore your orthopedic condition; treat it with our help.

A orthopedic clinic

KCOA is a orthopedic clinic in more ways than one. Our team members are equipped to deal with a number of conditions stemming from injuries of the bones, muscles, and joints. But we’re more than just a doctor’s office.

KCOA combines the talents of a number of acclaimed orthopedic clinics all over the Kansas City area. We have locations in Kansas City, Overland Park, Merriam, Leawood, Belton, Shawnee Mission, and Blue Springs.

We choose our clinics carefully. We look for an unwavering commitment to the patient and their care. Patients like you are our top priority, and we never forget it.

Pediatric & Adolescent Care

If you have a little one in your household, you know it better than anyone—they’re filled with energy. Children love to run around, play games, and exercise, but they’re not always the most knowledgeable about how to prevent injury.

And when the worst occurs and your child is injured, you want a clinic that specializes in pediatric and adolescent care.

Our doctors aren’t just trained to treat adults. We offer solutions for people of all ages. Our providers are practiced and experienced at finding orthopedic solutions for children.

As we grow, our bodies change, so it’s important to take all of our differences into account. Your child is unique, and we’ll treat them as such.

Electromyography (EMG)

Our orthopedic practitioners don’t just deal with injuries of the bones and joints. We can also treat problems stemming from injured nerves. But it can be difficult to diagnose a nerve injury. This is why we offer electromyography (EMG).

This method allows us to determine whether your nerves are firing as they should. If we believe your injury may involve a nerve problem, we will perform a test to measure your nerve and muscle function. Once we diagnose the cause of your injury, we can begin formulating a plan to treat it.

In-Clinic Imaging

The diagnosis is an extremely important part of the KCOA process. We need to be sure of the specifics of your condition before we can develop a treatment plan.

A specialty orthopedics model of a shoulder

It isn’t enough to simply examine your injury with the naked eye—we need to go beneath the surface to understand the origin and cause of your orthopedic condition.

We offer X-rays and MRIs to get an in-depth look at your muscles, bones, and tendons. Much of our imaging is done in-house, so we can help ensure that you receive high-quality imaging for your orthopedic conditions.

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KCOA is proud to offer solutions for your orthopedic conditions. If you’re looking for the best option for specialty orthopedics in the Kansas City area, we’d like to offer our assistance. You can get started right now.

Schedule an appointment with us online, and we can begin your treatment journey soon. KCOA can provide you with the results you need to live a life free of painful orthopedic conditions.

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