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Shoulder Replacements & What to Expect

Shoulder replacement surgery works for many patients to repair joint damage and aid with pain-free living. At KCOA, our surgeons aim to provide the best surgical experiences for our patients—from the first appointment to final check-in. Regardless of the partial or total joint replacement you require, we are here every step of the way. 

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Understanding shoulder joint anatomy

Before diving further into the shoulder replacement surgery process, it’s important to understand how the shoulder joint works. 

There are different types of joints in the body; the shoulder is a “ball-in-socket” joint. Just as the name suggests, a ball-in-socket joint comprises a ball-like structure that moves inside a depression in the bone to allow for rotational movements. The shoulder joint is created by the ball-shaped head of your humerus (upper arm bone) that fits into the glenoid cavity in the scapula (triangular-shaped bone on your posterior side). 

However, severe arthritis or a severe injury could affect how well the humerus moves inside the glenoid cavity. Without enough cartilage, the bone rubs against bone. Over time, not only does this lead to pain, it can also cause gradual bone degeneration.

What to expect during a shoulder joint replacement surgery

During a shoulder joint replacement surgery in Kansas City, your orthopedic surgeon will replace your worn joint with an artificial one. Typically made from metal, ceramic, and/or plastic materials, these prosthetic joints replicate the ball-and-socket shape of the shoulder joint. 

Directly after the procedure, most patients can return home to recover, though it is still important to follow post-operative guidelines provided by your doctor. This may include when to take medications, physical therapy requirements, and more. 

KCOA can provide your shoulder replacement surgery in Kansas City

Dr. Greg Van den Berghe believes success lies in proper diagnosis. An appointment with one of our providers includes the highest quality technology to pinpoint a patient’s underlying musculoskeletal conditions. From there, we can better understand which treatment will work best for you. 

KCOA’s private practice model ensures our physicians can provide patients with the most value that doesn’t involve hidden fees or outlandish pricing. 

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