Knee Pain Treatment in Kansas City

Risk Factors, Prevention Tips, And Knee Pain Treatments

Knee injuries are very common.  Each year, 25% of adults across the country will report some type of knee pain—and a rapidly growing percentage of patients are seen for injuries occurring during youth sports. Our area is no different, as hundreds of patients seek options for knee pain treatment in Kansas City and surrounding communities.

There’s no one single reason why so many people suffer from knee problems. However, there are certain risk factors that affect some groups of people at a significantly higher rate. Our providers at Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance provide some insight below—as well as prevention tips and treatment options!

Athletes/Highly Active Individuals

Many sports have a high number of sudden, explosive movements that can lead to devastating injuries. Planting your foot wrong, landing awkwardly on a jump, or a direct hit to the knee, are all relatively common.  

Consistent high force stress or high intensity movements—like long-distance running or Olympic weight training—can contribute to chronic knee injuries as well.

*PREVENTION TIPS: Be sure to warm up and stretch your joints before all physical activity, take time to rest and recover to avoid overtraining, work on flexibility exercises, and consider utilizing sports medicine for preventative care purposes. 

Overweight or Obese Individuals

People at unhealthy weights increase the joint stress at the knee.This puts these individuals at a dramatically higher risk of developing chronic knee conditions, such as osteoarthritis. Your knee doctor in Kansas City can offer recommendations to reduce the risk of these complications through specific lifestyle changes.

*PREVENTION TIPS: Take small steps to build healthy lifestyle habits. Drink more water, gradually reduce calorie intake, swap out certain food for healthier options, and talk to your provider about a physical therapy or physical fitness program. 

Aging/Elderly Individuals

A normal aspect of aging is that our knee joints start to wear down over time— even if we’ve done what we can to maintain a healthy weight and avoid excessive stress on our knees.

Osteoarthritis is the most common knee condition associated with aging, caused by deteriorating cartilage leading to direct contact with the tibia and femur. You may not be able to stop knee pain altogether, but you decrease the risk as you age by knowing your risk factors (family history, weight, contributing medical issues, etc.) and making lifestyle changes where appropriate. 

*PREVENTION TIPS: Find an ideal weight for your body and work to maintain it, focus on building strength in your lower body, and try to find low-impact exercise options (such as swimming).

Our provider’s philosophy when treating all injuries—including those to the knee—is to exhaust all conservative measures first, before recommending a more invasive treatment like surgery.  Ultimately, patients will make a collaborative decision on treatment with their providers and loved ones to ensure an optimal outcome.

Our knee treatments at KCOA include all of the following:

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