Physical Therapy: An Important Part of Recovery after Orthopedic Surgery

Physical therapy for orthopedic patientsPhysical therapy is an important part of the recovery process after orthopedic surgery. The goal of physical therapy is to improve mobility, independence and quality of life as effectively as possible with the latest therapeutic methods, including patient and caregiver instructions for continued exercise and therapy at home.

Our doctors and surgeons have a network of physical therapy providers to which they refer patients, including the physical and occupational therapists at Kansas City Orthopaedic Institute, as well as many other clinics in the area. In some cases (particularly in relation to spine or back surgery), your Dickson-Diveley physician will refer you to an offsite physical therapy center located close to your home or work to minimize your discomfort and maximize convenience during the rehabilitation process.

No matter where you go for physical therapy, your success in recovering from orthopedic surgery depends on your willingness to work hard at home and in your physical therapy sessions. Our surgeons start you on the road to recovery, but it is important to comply with your recommended physical therapy treatment plan to make your healing process as efficient as possible.

Through our affiliation with Kansas City Orthopaedic Institute and our extensive therapy referral network, our patients have access to a full range of additional outpatient rehab services, including occupational and hand therapy, work conditioning, functional capacity evaluations, manual therapy and more. For more information about physical therapy options for patients of Dickson-Diveley Orthopaedics, please call 913-319-7600.


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