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How To Find a Qualified Knee Replacement Surgeon

Provider evaluating patient's knee while discussing the best options for a knee replacement in Kansas City

Surgery is a big decision, but choosing the right surgeon is equally important. Fortunately, there are many knee surgeons to choose from in Kansas City, but that also makes your decision harder. How can you be sure you’re using the best knee replacement surgeon in Kansas City? 

Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance is the Midwest’s premier provider of orthopedic care. As the largest orthopedic practice in Kansas City, we perform the highest number of joint replacements in the area. We have 6 convenient locations across the KC metro—Overland Park, Merriam, Leawood, Belton, Kansas City, and Blue Springs.

We know what it takes to find quality surgeons, so below we’ll discuss the essential qualifications to look for when researching the best knee replacement surgeons in Kansas City. 

Finding a Qualified Surgeon

First, you need to determine if a provider is qualified to perform your surgery. 

1. Look for board-certified orthopedic surgeons

Board certification from the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery (ABOS) is awarded to surgeons who complete extensive training and rigorous examinations. In addition, these surgeons must stay up-to-date on the latest surgical procedures to maintain their certification. 

At KCOA, all of our surgeons are board-certified or completing the certification process. As a result, you can feel confident knowing that your KCOA provider has the expertise to perform your procedure. 

2. Consider other qualifications

Some surgeons complete fellowships in specialty areas. After completing their residency, these surgeons undergo 1-2 years of additional specialized training. 

KCOA is proud to have many fellowship-trained physicians on our team. This sets us apart from many other local providers.  

3. Ask about their experience 

You want a surgeon who has extensive experience in knee replacement. Look for a provider who is well-versed in the procedure you need. 

KCOA makes it easy to research provider qualifications, fellowships, and experience. If you are looking for a board-certified surgeon with specific knowledge and expertise in knee replacements, take a look at the following providers in Kansas City: 

If you have questions or want to learn more about these qualified providers, contact KCOA to discuss joint replacement in KC

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At Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance, we’re dedicated to creating a superior patient experience for all. Whether you’re looking for the best hip replacement surgeon in Kansas City or a highly experienced knee surgeon, our team has the right provider. We’ve helped thousands of patients treat their pain, restore their function, and increase their quality of life. 

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