thumb arthritis in kansas city

Suffering from Thumb Arthritis?

Thumb arthritis is a common condition,

but have no fear. our physicians are leading experts in the Kansas City area when it comes to treating thumb arthritis.

Thumb base, or CMC arthritis, is more common in women over the age of 40; but it can also occurs in men. While the exact cause of thumb base arthritis is unknown, previous injury or genetics can predispose development of thumb arthritis.

What happens to the thumb joint causing your thumb arthritis?

The base of the thumb joint is a saddle-shaped joint formed by the metacarpal, or first bone of the thumb, and a small bone of the wrist called the trapezium. Cartilage lines the joint, which allows for a smooth, wide range of motion of the thumb. This range of motion includes: up, down, across to the small finger, and of course for pinching (needed in gripping those delicious Kansas City ribs). When the cartilage lining wears down in arthritis, the joint does not move smoothly. This can cause pain and deformity.

thumb arthritis

What symptoms might you expect with thumb arthritis?

Patients most commonly have pain as a first symptom. Pinching activities can aggravate pain. Everyday activities such as opening jars, writing, and turning doorknobs can cause it. A bump or deformity can also develop as arthritis progresses.

What are treatment options for thumb arthritis in Kansas City?

After you schedule an appointment with one of our expert physicians, such as Dr. Deardorf (our hand and wrist specialist), evaluation of your thumb pain starts with a physical exam and X-rays. Once we confirm the diagnosis, treatment options focus on managing symptoms. Treatments can include: topical ointments, oral medication, splinting, therapy, and possible cortisone injections. Only patients who have failed non-surgical treatment and are unable to perform their daily activity without pain should consider surgery.