Telehealth during COVID-19

Telehealth during COVID-19


We’re living in unprecedented times right now. At Apex Orthopedics, we are doing our best to adjust and to make life as easy on our patients as possible. Luckily, technology allows us to stay connected with you! We have successfully implemented TeleHealth into our daily practice. The goal of using TeleHealth during COVID-19 is to allow our patients to continue practicing social distancing if their orthopedic conditions do not require intensive care.

doctor looking at computer telehealth during COVID-19

Telehealth is the use of computers, tablets and mobile devices to access health care services remotely. This allows you to stay on top of your health care without leaving your home. You can effortlessly connect to your physician, discuss recent tests and treatment plans, get medications prescribed to your pharmacy and so much more. At Apex, we are using a platform called, which is HIPPA compliant. This allows us to use a video conference or telephone call to diagnosis, treat and answer all your questions. You can get a TeleHealth appointment by calling our office at 913-642-0200. Once your appointment is made you will get an email sent that has a link that will direct you to your provider’s waiting room. He or she will log on at the time of your appointment to see you. This is billed through your insurance, currently all major insurance plans have approved TeleHealth visits during COVID-19.

Common Questions:

  1. Can you prescribe medications based on TeleHealth visits?

A: We can call in medications to your pharmacy, however if narcotics are prescribed or refilled the prescription still must be picked up in office and then taken to your pharmacy.

  1. Can we discuss my X-Ray or MRI?

A: Yes, if we have your images in our system or able to get them sent to us from wherever your test was done then we can discuss the findings.

  1. Can you order tests?

A: We can order diagnostic tests such as labs, MRI, CT scans and more based on TeleHealth visits.

  1. Can you schedule me for surgery based on TeleHealth visits?

A: We can put surgery orders in after a TeleHealth visit, although currently most elective surgeries are being postponed until May due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. Do I get to see my regular doctor?

A: All of our physicians are available via TeleHealth so you will be able to see any specific provider you’d like to.