Avoiding Common Summer Injuries in Kansas City

Summertime is supposed to be a fun and relaxing time, full of vacations and outdoor activities. But nothing can but rain on your summer parade quicker than a cast. Fortunately for you,  KCOA is here to help if you or a loved one gets hurt.

We’re bringing you tips to help you prevent some of the most common summer injuries in Kansas City.


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Basic Safety

Firstly, let’s talk about basic safety.

Unless covered in bubble wrap, kid’s bones are fragile and susceptible to fracture, but usually heal quickly and easily. Avoiding common summer injuries can be simple and effective if done correctly!


Common Summer Injuries in Kansas City

Some fractures (broken bones) are not that easily preventable, especially those in children. Falling off the monkey bars, jumping off the bed, or flipping off a trampoline can all lead to broken bones.

At Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance, we have waterproof casting material available. But let’s be honest: casts are not the most fashionable summer accessory.

Other common summer injuries we see in our Kansas City practice are usually due to sports.

Baseball & Softball

Most of the injuries we see from baseball or softball players due to overuse. However, some more serious injuries may need formal physical therapy or even potential surgery.

Baseball and softball practices often start ramping up in the summer and can leave us or our kids susceptible to shoulder and elbow injuries.


The obvious safety tip to avoiding summer injuries in Kansas City? No running around pools or slippery areas. This is one of the fastest ways to get admitted to a walk-in clinic or an emergency room.

Swimming season also brings us quite a few shoulder issues. Dr. McCabe and Dr. Van den Berghe are well equipped to deal with any surgical injuries and will get you back in the pool breaking records in no time.


For all you runners out there that have increased your mileage in the summer, you may start to notice some knee pain or knee popping.

Other Summer Activities

Encourage your kids to take it easy on trampolines. One slip can lead to a broken wrist and a cast. When biking, always wear at least a helmet, if not also elbows and knee pads if you or your child are prone to falling. Even if you or your kiddo doesn’t think it looks cool, imagine wearing a cast or boot!

Treating common summer injuries in Kansas City

KCOA offers a variety of medicines and treatments to help combat common summer injuries in Kansas City.

We offer regenerative medicine options for stubborn tendinitis issues that can occur in both young athletes and also more matured avid golfers; this includes PRP and Stem Cell therapies.


Truly, the best way to prevent injuries in the summer is to warm up before any activity. Warm ups can include:

  • jogging
  • light stretching
  • hitting some light practices swings
  • drinking plenty of water
  • making nutritious snack and meal choices

Ensure that you are performing each activity correctly—stabilizing your core and activating appropriate muscle groups can prevent injury both acutely and in the long term.

Following heavy activity, use ice on any sore joint and give your body appropriate rest.

Of course, little aches and pains can usually be controlled with Tylenol and ibuprofen. For anything beyond that, we’re here for you!

Experiencing a common summer injury?

If you’re worried after a fall, please come in and let us take an X-ray and get appropriate treatment started.


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