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How Stem Cell Therapy & Other Orthobiologic Treatments Provide Long-Term Healing

Patients looking for a non-surgical treatment for their symptoms can benefit greatly from orthobiologic treatments. As one of the most advanced alternatives to surgery, there are a wide range of different injuries that orthobiologics can treat throughout the body. 

Among the most often-used options by Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance providers are platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections and stem cell therapy in Kansas City. Read on to learn more about these and other orthobiologic treatments at KCOA!

PRP & Stem Cell Therapy in Kansas City

PRP injections and stem cell therapy in Kansas City are perhaps the two most well-known orthobiologic treatments. In fact, our providers often combine the two treatments in order to provide a more optimal outcome. The process for the two treatments is similar, and both help to stimulate cell growth and activate the body’s natural healing abilities. However, they do have some slight differences. 

With PRP injections, our providers use a patient’s blood to concentrate the blood’s platelets and growth factors. Stem cell injections, on the other hand, use the regenerative stem cells harvested from the body.

We utilize anesthesia during stem cell injections to make treatments as easy as possible for patients. Patients often describe both procedures as having minimal discomfort.


Although not used as often, prolotherapy (also known as proliferation therapy) can provide desired outcomes in certain patients. Prolotherapy works by using varying levels of dextrose water as an irritant solution. This irritant actually helps to trick the joint into thinking that the treatment area is more injured than it really is. When this happens, it triggers a healing response from the perceived inflammation in the area. 

Combination Injections

Through numerous trials and studies, KCOA providers have seen the effect of combining additional injections as part of an orthobiologic treatment plan. In many cases, our providers will even add both hyaluronic acid (HA) and autologous thrombin injections to a patient’s stem cell, prolotherapy, or PRP injections in Kansas City. 

HA and autologous thrombin injections serve different purposes, but they each work well in a complementary capacity. HA is the more common of the two, and is a naturally occurring chemical in a healthy person’s joints and tendons. Similarly, thrombin is a naturally occurring protein in the body that’s essential for wound healing and homeostasis.

HA injections provide anti-inflammatory benefits that encourage ligament and tendon growth, while acting as a cushion to protect in and around the treatment area. Meanwhile, autologous thrombin injections concentrate your body’s thrombin (located in your blood) to clot the area and keep stem cells in place. 

Your provider will ultimately determine whether to use these additional injections as part of your stem cell, protherapy, or PRP injections in Kansas City.

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