Shoulder Surgery in Kansas City

Signs That Your Shoulder Pain May Require Surgery

Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance providers share a firm belief that patient care should be tailored to the individual. In most cases, this means utilizing conservative, non-invasive treatments to provide symptom relief and healing to those with shoulder pain

In some cases, however, the extent of the injury is too severe to treat without surgical intervention. Read on below to learn why a patient would require shoulder surgery in Kansas City.

Acute Injuries

Severe acute injuries can cause significant pain and an immediate loss of function. These tell-tale signs provide an immediate alert that something is wrong. Many people can easily recognize when they (or someone else) has a broken bone, dislocation, or ligament tear. Because of this, they’re more likely to seek treatment as soon as they can.

Early action, whether it’s a minor strain or significant acute event, can lead to better long-term outcomes—as your shoulder doctor in Kansas City can more easily diagnose the issue and develop a treatment plan for that specific injury.

Worsening Pain

Another reason a person may require shoulder surgery in Kansas City is due to joint degeneration. A person’s condition will only worsen if they avoid treatment and make no corrective motion changes. At this point, they’ll move out of the early stages of their condition and start inflicting extensive damage to the joint. 

This advanced joint degeneration leaves you susceptible to other injuries—which can make it harder to both diagnose the root cause of your pain and develop a suitable plan to treat it. You may experience full loss of your shoulder’s motion and function—with the potential for regular bouts of intense, potentially debilitating pain in the area. 

At this point, the joint has experienced enough damage that your shoulder doctor in Kansas City will likely recommend a surgical procedure. Which procedure they choose depends on the diagnosis, extent of the damage, it’s location and the physician’s specialty training.

Types of potential surgical procedures may include:

In the event you do need surgery, KCOA is the top orthopedic clinic in the entire metro area. Our Board Certified surgeons perform hundreds of shoulder procedures each year and have helped countless people regain a healthy, pain-free life. 

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