pumpkin carving safety tips

Pumpkin Carving Safety Tips for Kansas City

Pumpkin Carving Safety Tips For Kansas City

Halloween is just around the corner, which means lots of candy, scares, and one of our favorite traditions, pumpkin carving. 

While carving pumpkins is one of the most popular activities among adults and children in the US, Halloween is actually one of the top three holidays that produce the most emergency room visits every year.

Without the proper safety tips, carving pumpkins can cause significant hand or finger injuries. While some of us grew up practicing these “common sense” instructions, many others may not have ever had exposure to the right tools and tips to stay safe and prevent injury.

Below, we’re sharing our top pumpkin carving safety tips to help out our fellow Kansas City families.

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Ensure a clean carving area.

Make sure your carving space is clean and well lit. Additionally, after scooping and before carving, be sure your hands are completely dry to prevent your pumpkin carving tools from slipping.


Adults should ALWAYS do the carving—never children. Let the kids clean out the pulp and draw the designs to help them feel involved.

Use a serrated knife.

Sharp knives can get stuck in a pumpkin and be difficult to remove. Use a serrated knife instead! You’ll not only find the job easier, but you also won’t need to pull or jerk the knife out from the pumpkin—this motion can easily lead to an injury.

Consider a carving kit.

These relatively inexpensive kits have tools that may be safer to use than your regular kitchen tools. Most kits come with a stencil, carving saws, and scoops. These are found at many grocery and household stores. They’re specifically designed to keep your pumpkin carving area safe and free from sharp tools.

Technique is key.

Take your time and always carve away from body—never toward the body in case the tool slips. Slow and steady makes for a great design!

Alternative decorating.

Don’t feel comfortable carving a big gourd? Consider decorating your pumpkin with craft paint, ribbons, and other embellishments that don’t require any carving at all. There are countless decorating kits in craft stores this time of the year. Use your imagination or look for inspiration online!

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Information courtesy of American Society for Surgery of the Hand.