PRP & Bone Marrow Concentrate Treatments in Kansas City

Best practice means best care

Not all PRP & Bone Marrow Concentrate treatments are created equal.

Just as two “blood pressure medications” may vary in efficacy, dose, and side effects, two procedures of the same regenerative medicine treatment may be drastically different.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and Bone Marrow Concentrate (BMC) might be dissimilar in their make-up, dosage, and post-injection rehabilitation.

Consequently, outcomes will also vary widely. Thus every condition and patient requires a unique, customized centrifugation and concentration process. Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance works to ensure best practice in whichever PRP or Bone Marrow Concentrate treatment in Kansas City you choose.


Custom centrifugation

These process and technique variables are a few of the factors responsible for our excellent outcomes:

Platelet and Growth Factor Concentrations

Different centrifuge and kits systems produce different platelet concentrations. Concentrations can range from as much as twice the amount normally found in blood to up to thirty times the norm. The same goes for precious growth factors. Not everybody needs a “super-concentrated” PRP treatment in Kansas City. In fact, kits that concentrate platelets and growth factors to only two or three times are cheaper for the physician. However, they are also far less effective. In the KCOA program in KC, we only use the highest-quality centrifugation systems. Additionally, we customize the growth factor and platelet levels to your specific condition.

White blood cell concentration

Because leukocytes (white blood cells) are helpful in the treatment of tendinopathies and tendon tears, specialists utilize “leukocyte-rich” PRP. However, white blood cells may lead to cartilage breakdown with disastrous results for joints, which are bone wrapped in cartilage). With this in mind, KCOA specialists use “leukocyte-poor” PRP exclusively for conditions within arteries.

Bone Marrow Aspiration Technique

Recent studies from Europe have shown higher stem cell concentrations achieved with bone marrow aspiration. This technique involves multiple small bone marrow removals from different locations along the pelvis. This technique takes more of your physician’s time. However, it causes only minimal discomfort and yields higher stem cell concentrations and superior outcomes. Other practices may take advantage of the many ways to cut corners during stem cell procedures. By contrast, KCOA takes the time and attention to give you the best care and best practice through bone marrow concentrate treatments in Kansas City.

Increased accuracy

The use of ultrasound-guidance in injections is essential for these procedures. Basically, ultrasounds boost precision. Without it, accuracy probabilities can dip as low as 25%. Advanced training, experience with thousands of US-guided procedures, and RMSK certification in ultrasound ensure that your KCOA regenerative medicine is precise and as pain-free as possible.


Post-procedural Rehabilitation

Patients can best achieve strength, reduced stress on joints, and improved blood flow through rehabilitation; ideally with a skilled physical therapist. Each condition and procedure will have a unique, customized pre and post-procedural rehabilitation plan. We’ll communicate that plan with your physical therapist to get you back to your normal activities.



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