post-op sex after joint replacement

Curious about Post-Op Sex after Joint Replacement in Kansas City?

Post-Op Sex after joint replacement in Kansas City

At Apex Orthopedics & Sports Medicine in Kansas City, we often perform joint replacement surgery, also called arthroplasty, to treat the pain caused by arthritis. Arthritis can make it difficult to move and cause enough pain to decrease activity—including intimacy.

Research has shown a significant increase in sexual health following arthroplasty. That’s right; we want to make your sex life better. But before we get your groove back in the bedroom, let’s discuss some precautions to take. (Admittedly, we do not have Kama Sutra expert in the office, so will not be providing exact positions, but we can provide some informed safety tips!)

Today, we’re talking post-op sex after a joint replacement in Kansas City to keep you healthy, functional, and satisfied.

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What’s the deal with post-op sex?

However effective joint replacement may be at getting you back to a normal, pain-free life, there are certain activities you should avoid or proceed with caution immediately following. Because when we say we want to get you back to a normal, pain-free life after a total joint replacement, we mean it completely.

While some may find it uncouth, many of our patients find themselves asking about sexual activity after surgery. It’s important to know your bedroom restrictions following total joint procedures. That’s because without being fully informed about the do’s and don’ts of post-op sex in Kansas City, you run the risk of re-injury or complications.

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General safety tips for after surgery

In general, if sexual activity is painful during or after your total joint procedure, you should avoid it and allow your body more time to heal.

We also want to caution you against putting pressure on any incision, especially in the first three weeks post-operatively while you may have sutures and dressings still intact.

Do not support your partner with a recently replaced joint until cleared to return to all normal activity by your surgeon (for many people that may mean anywhere from 6-12 weeks post-operatively).

After a total shoulder, you should avoid weight bearing through the shoulder and will need to remain in your sling until your doctor tells you otherwise.

As a general rule, no acrobatic moves for the first few months post-operatively; if you’ve seen something similar on Cirque du Soleil, avoid it until you feel you’re 100%.

For our total and partial knee replacements, you need to avoid kneeling while your incision is healing. Kneeling may continue to be uncomfortable to you post-operatively, so we recommend using a pillow under your knee for support and comfort.

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Post-Op Sex for Total Hip Replacement Patients

Patients who undergo total hip replacement are going to have the most precautions to abide by. That’s because we want to ensure that you don’t dislocate your newly replaced hip joint. Dislocation is a rare complication, but one that can often be prevented by maintaining your posterior hip precautions while engaging in sexual activity.

This means no bending at the waist past 90 degrees, crossing your operative leg over your opposite side, or excessive flexion at the hip.

A good starting point is being positioned on the bottom (good old fashioned missionary) and then slowly working from there depending on your comfort level. Remember, your hip is very close to your groin and sexual organs, so some swelling and pain in that area after surgery are normal. (This means you may not be able to jump back in the sheets immediately following surgery.)

Prevent Injury during Post-Op Sex

At Apex Orthopedics & Sports Medicine we strive to take care of the whole patient and realize that sexuality and intimacy are an important part of a patient’s health. Resuming your normal sexual activity will take time, so please be patient and increase your activity slowly while maintaining the joint replacement precautions.

Communicating with your partner while in your immediate post-operative period can help you find ways other than sexual intercourse to meet both of your physical and emotional needs.

Questions about your sexual health or general safety tips?

Sexual health is a part of medicine and we want our patients to experience sexual fulfillment following joint replacement surgery. We just want you to do it safely while in your post-operative period. If you have questions about post-op sex in Kansas City, please feel free to contact our surgical team.


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