Orthopedic Walk-in Clinics in Kansas City

At KCOA, we understand (more than most) that accidents and injuries happen. Sometimes, though, an ER visit can seem daunting—not to mention potentially expensive. We provide personalized, professional, and expert orthopedic care when these accidents occur.

Our practice welcomes orthopedic walk-ins from the hours of 8AM-3PM Monday through Friday at our Overland Park Location and 8AM-3PM Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at our Belton Location.

Walk-ins will always be seen the same day you visit on a first-come, first-served basis. Our orthopedic walk-in clinic in Kansas City does not require a call ahead. You can simply come to our Overland Park or Belton office to be seen, and expect to see our orthopedic providers for a fraction of the cost.

Please note, we do not see infants in our walk-in clinic. In this case, we strongly suggest that you go Children’s Mercy for any infant care.

At our orthopedic walk-in clinic, Apex Orthopedics does not require a referral to be seen, but your insurance might (TriCare- we’re looking at you!). Therefore, please be aware of your personal insurance policy. You will pay your normal office co-pay at a walk-in visit and save yourself the cost of an emergency room visit. In the case that there is a true, crucial emergency that requires a hospital visit or admission, we will work to help coordinate admission, transportation, and care at the hospital.

When to go to an orthopedic walk-in clinic versus an ER

Whether or not to go to the Emergency Department, make a regular appointment, or come to a walk-in clinic can be a confusing decision. So, let’s talk about a couple example situations.

You should go to the ER if…

> You, a family member, or a friend have fallen or suffered an injury where a bone is visible or sticking out of the skin.

> You or someone you know suffers an injury and is in excruciating pain (they can’t walk, talk, and/or report their pain at a 9-10 on the pain scale)

> The patient is elderly, has fallen, and is having pain in their hip or groin and is unable to walk

You should come to our orthopedic walk-in clinic in Kansas City if…

> An acute sports injury occurs (such as being whacked with a lacrosse stick, a sudden pain in the shoulder when throwing occurs, or a knee gives out on you)

> You or someone you know has an injury or fall, and you’re concerned about a fractured wrist, ankle, or any body part. Tip: this happens a lot with children, falls from the monkey bars, etc.

> You’re experiencing sudden joint swelling and pain that has acutely started or worsened

You should call KCOA Orthopedics if…

> You’ve had chronic pain in a joint or area of your body and you want to get it checked out by a medical provider (for example, if you’ve had chronic foot pain, you should make an appointment with Dr. Kneidel, or if you’ve had problems with your hand for years, you should see Dr. Deardorff)

> You’ve recently had surgery with one of our providers and are having post-op or wound problems, then you need to be seen specifically by that surgeon’s team so that they can properly address your needs. You can call our office and ask to speak with a member of your surgeon’s team.

> You’re having cast or splint problems. You may call our office and come in for a tech appointment at your convenience to have it changed.

Our orthopedic walk-in clinic in Kansas City also accepts Worker’s Compensation visits.

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