Orthopedic treatment in Kansas City

Orthopedic Treatment in Kansas City to Help You Live a Happier, Healthier Life

At Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance, we specialize in treating multiple different areas throughout the body. From heads to toes and everything in between, our team is capable of helping you achieve an improved quality of life. Whether you need orthopedic or specialty services, Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance can assist with personalized orthopedic treatment in Kansas City.

Depending on your situation, we offer both surgical and nonsurgical methods for treating both acute injuries and lingering joint pain and discomfort. Our treatment areas include all of the following:

Your specific treatment plan will depend on a variety of different factors, including the area, your age, your activity level, and more. We’ll also take your past medical history and environment into account, particularly for more invasive procedures.

Each treatment process begins with an initial one-on-one consultation with your care team. Your candidacy for a specific treatment will be a collaborative decision between you and your treatment team. During this initial consultation, we’ll take the time to understand your specific ailments and your care goals. 

Generally speaking, our providers will recommend conservative treatment measures and nonsurgical treatments before recommending surgery. These conservative treatments range from physical therapy and injections to mobility training, anti-inflammatories, or bracing. Conservative measures are also methods you can use at home to help enhance treatment results.

Additionally, each treatment will also include both pre-and post-treatment instructions that patients are expected to follow. Following your treatment instructions will help ensure that you get the best possible outcome from your experience with Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance.


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At Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance, we’re dedicated to creating a superior patient experience for all. Whether you’re considering a knee, hip, or other joint replacement, our team will work with you to ensure the best possible outcomes. 

Scheduling an appointment with one of our providers allows us to find the best treatment option for your needs. Using the highest quality technology, we can pinpoint the exact underlying issue causing your joint pain or discomfort.

For a thorough evaluation, call us at (913) 319-7600 or schedule an appointment today.