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Should I Work At an Orthopedic Clinic? Learn More About Orthopedic Jobs Near You

There’s no doubt that working for an orthopedic clinic can be challenging. However, the work can also be extremely rewarding as you help your fellow community members improve their health and wellbeing. 

That said, there are more careers available at an orthopedic clinic outside of directly caring for patients. Read on to learn more about orthopedic jobs near you at Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance!

What Do You Look For in an Applicant? 

The people who work at orthopedic clinics, including Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance, come from a diverse array of backgrounds. Different positions will require varying amounts of education and experience, along with differing skills, attributes, and traits.

Some orthopedic careers in Kansas City, such as members of the care team, will require specialized training and advanced degrees. This may include an undergraduate degree, a degree from an accredited medical school or other healthcare training institution,  residency, and board certification.

Other positions may require a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent experience working in a similar role. It’s important to note that there are numerous additional medical careers outside of physically caring for patients at KCOA. Many of these positions may require a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent experience working in a similar role. 

These team members are critical to the success of the clinic and contribute significantly to creating a great patient experience. These include careers in administration, medical records, the workers’ compensation department, scheduling and pre-authorization of procedures, call centers, and more!

Beyond certain backgrounds, experience, skills, and education, one of the most important things any orthopedic clinic looks for is how well you’ll fit in with your potential team members. 

At KCOA specifically, our goal as a staff is to provide premier patient care in Kansas City by bringing in the most talented, driven applicants we can find. We look for skill sets and experience that meet our qualifications, positive attitudes and people that care about the work product they produce.  Applicants must fit with the values and mission of our organization in order to become a KCOA team member.

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