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Orthopedic Urgent Care at Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance

When an orthopedic emergency arises, you shouldn’t have to pay the expense of visiting an emergency room. Instead, orthopedic urgent care in Kansas City gives you the rapid care you need without unneeded costs. 

Orthopedic urgent care gives our patients the flexibility to seek treatment for acute injuries immediately. In doing so, KCOA physicians can provide the best care possible. 

What to expect from ortho urgent care in Kansas City

With orthopedic urgent care, you can go directly to our office for treatment without an appointment. We understand that injuries such as fractures, sprains, and strains can arise at any time. Many people want to get help right away to reduce pain and ensure their bodies heal properly. 

During the daytime hours, our orthopedic specialists can provide you immediate care. This means you can rest assured that you’re getting the treatment you deserve without the wait.

Keep in mind that while we see a variety of patients, our orthopedic urgent care clinic isn’t for everyone. This includes patients under the age of two, patients with longstanding problems, or patients who need a prescription refill. Those patients will need to schedule an appointment with an orthopedic physician or orthopedic surgeon. 

How to Find the Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Kansas City 3 Steps

Discover the best ortho urgent care in Kansas City at KCOA

The core of our success lies in proper diagnosis. An appointment with one of our providers includes the highest quality technology to pinpoint a patient’s underlying musculoskeletal conditions. From there, we can better understand which treatment will work best for you. 

KCOA’s private practice model ensures our physicians can provide patients with the most value that doesn’t involve hidden fees or outlandish pricing. 

For a thorough evaluation, call us at 913.319.7600 or schedule an appointment today.

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