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Our Capabilities For Joint Replacement Surgery

KCOA doctor pointing to a shoulder model.

In addition to offering the highest quality and highest quantity of total joint replacements, Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance also offers a number of unique capabilities associated with these procedures. 

Read on to learn how our surgeons use these capabilities to provide better outcomes for patients receiving joint replacement surgery in Kansas City!

Robotic-Assisted Procedures

A robotic-assisted total joint replacement involves using advanced technology to enhance the accuracy and placement of the prosthesis in the joint. 

Your surgeon will control the technology throughout the entire procedure, but the robotic assistance helps guide them. This ideally creates a more favorable long-term outcome. 

The technology used for robotic-assisted procedures offers a number of advantages outside of accuracy and placement as well. It also helps ensure an optimal fit for the prosthesis and helps to decrease bone loss. As of now, robotic-assisted total joint replacement is exclusively used for the knees and hips. But the technology used continues to expand and evolve to the point where our surgeons plan to offer additional robotic-assisted procedures in the future. 

KCOA not only performs robotic-assisted procedures, but we’re a leader in the practice as well. To date, we’ve performed more than 1,000 robotic-assisted knee and hip replacements for patients across the Kansas City area and beyond. We’re proud to say that we have the greatest capability to perform robotic-assisted procedures of any independent orthopedic group in the area. 

Prosthetic Implants

All joint replacement procedures involve the surgeon removing parts of an affected joint and replacing them with a prosthetic implant. As we mentioned, the prostheses used during the procedure can be made from metal, ceramic, or plastic. 

The idea of an artificial prosthesis is to mimic the body’s natural design. When inserted into the body, the prosthetic implant mimics the normal range of motion in the area—allowing for easier movement with significantly reduced (or eliminated) pain. 

The quality of the prostheses we use at KCOA is another point of pride for our staff. For those seeking a total joint replacement in Kansas City, they can rest assured that their prosthetic implant will last many years. When combined with a highly trained orthopedic surgeon, patients can expect years of pain-free living following their surgery and recovery process. 

The patient and their provider will ultimately make a collaborative decision on the type of material used for their prostheses—along with its geometric shape. Both will depend on the individual needs, challenges, and lifestyle goals of the patient. 

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