Get High-Level Care at an Joint Clinic in Kansas City

A doctor at our Orthopedic clinic in Kansas City

Seeking treatment for a painful injury can be difficult. It’s not always easy to find the right specialist to treat your specific condition.

You may be tempted to go to urgent care or the emergency room, but there’s no guarantee that they will have the specific resources necessary to treat your condition.

If you’ve been injured while exercising, playing sports, or even walking the dog, you want a specialist with the resources you need.

Fortunately, the Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance has those resources. Receive the treatment you deserve at our joint clinic in Kansas City.

Specialized Care

The Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance is your resource for specialized orthopedic care. We have a number of doctors with years of combined experience and training. KCOA connects patients with doctors who understand the specific nature of orthopedic conditions, and they have the knowledge to get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

Our team members understand that receiving medical help can be an overwhelming process, but you can rest assured that you’ll be treated as your own unique person. Each of our treatment plans are designed for you and you alone. 

KCOA’s doctors are the best of the best, but what sets our clinics apart?

A Clinic For You

KCOA doesn’t operate out of a single joint clinic in Kansas City, but several. We have locations in Kansas City, Overland Park, Merriam, Leawood, Belton, Shawnee Mission, and Blue Springs It’s always a priority for us to offer our patients as many options as we can, because every patient is different. Our clinics are a go-to resource for orthopedic care.

If you were to seek treatment from a primary care doctor, or someone with a more generalized field of study, you would likely be referred out to a specialist like us. You can expedite this process by coming to us directly. We have the orthopedic solutions to treat your condition.

KCOA’s Services

We have several orthopedic services available to help your recovery every step of the way. We have in-house x-rays that are read by our specialists.  We also have specialists in physical medicine & rehab, pain management, sports medicine, foot & ankle surgery, hand & upper extremity surgery, surgical and non-surgical spine care, total joint replacement and more.

Some clinics will refer you to an outside location, but whenever possible, we like to treat our patients in-house. KCOA is special because our team members are trained in a number of different specialties to help you recover following an injury.

KCOA’s Treatments

Anytime you’re partaking in rigorous physical activity, you run the risk of being injured. Over 3.6 million people were injured in sports-related accidents in 2022 alone. And these injuries can affect many places all over the body. At KCOA, we can treat conditions related to your:

  • Neck
  • Back
  • Shoulders
  • Arms
  • Elbows
  • Hands
  • Hips 
  • Knees
  • Legs
  • Ankles
  • Feet
  • And more

A top-notch joint clinic in Kansas City must be equipped to treat injuries of all kinds, and we’ve been sure to amass the right people and technology to ensure a steady recovery.

The KCOA team is always ready to treat an orthopedic condition, no matter where it occurs on the body.

Schedule a Treatment at KCOA

Finding the right joint clinic in Kansas City doesn’t have to be a challenge. Thanks to our highly trained staff and top-notch facilities, you can remain confident in our ability to treat you effectively.

If you think that you’re in need of premier orthopedic care, then reach out to us and schedule an appointment. You’re able to complete the entire scheduling process online, so you can begin the treatment process with just a few clicks.

Life is too short to stomach lasting pain and troublesome conditions. Come see us as soon as you can.


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