Inside our Practice: Questions & Answers with Steven Joyce, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon

S Joyce MD
Dr. Steven Joyce

We continue our physician blog series with an informal Q&A with Steven Joyce, M.D., board-certified and fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon at Dickson-Diveley Orthopaedics.

Dr. Joyce, please tell our readers a little about yourself and your background.

I joined Dickson-Diveley Orthopaedics in 1978 and have been practicing orthopedic medicine for nearly 40 years. I also proudly served as team physician for the Kansas City Royals from 1986 to 2010. As for my education, I earned my medical degree from the University of Kansas School of Medicine, and I completed an internship in internal medicine and residency in orthopedic surgery at Saint Luke’s Hospital. I am certified by the American Board of Orthopaedics, and I am a long-standing member of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, the American College of Surgeons, the American Medical Association and the Missouri Medical Society.

Why did you decide to pursue a career in orthopedic surgery?

Two things inspired me to become an orthopedic surgeon. First, I tore my anterior cruciate ligament playing basketball at the University of Kansas, so that experience as an orthopedic surgery patient opened my eyes to this branch of medicine. Then, in medical school we were asked to spend some time working in rural communities. I went to Topeka and spent about a month with a group of orthopedic surgeons, and that experience really helped guide me in the direction of orthopedics.

What are your subspecialized areas of expertise?

I specialize in treating sports medicine injuries, including shoulder, knee and elbow conditions. I primarily perform shoulder and knee arthroscopy, but my specialties go beyond surgery as well. I also have extensive experience using injections to treat knee and tendon problems non-surgically. For example, I provide viscosupplementation injections for arthritic knee pain and platelet-rich plasma injections for tendon injuries. I also like to help athletes focus on injury prevention because they face an increased risk of overuse injuries due to the repetitive nature of their sports.

How did you become interested in sports medicine?

I grew up playing sports and was always around Kansas City Royals baseball. I was officially introduced to sports medicine during Major League Baseball spring training in 1979 when I joined the Royals as a team physician. Since then, I have gained a breadth of experience in treating not only elite athletes, but also recreational athletes.

Tell us about your experience with the Kansas City Royals.

My experience with the Royals was very rewarding. I was on staff when we competed in the 1980 World Series and the 1985 World Series. Although I’ve since retired as team physician for the Royals, I still enjoy watching them with the rest of the Kansas City community. I particularly enjoyed cheering on the Royals during our comeback in 2014 — and again, of course, when we took the crown in 2015.

Describe your approach to treating patients.

My primary goal is to make sure my patients are satisfied with their outcomes and that they feel they have received the best care possible. To make sure that happens, I maintain open communication with my patients and try to clarify questions and concerns prior to treatment.

Do you coordinate care with other healthcare professionals?

As an orthopedic surgeon, many of the patients I treat are referred to me by primary care physicians and interventional physiatrists. When appropriate, I also coordinate care with physical therapists and occupational therapists. I believe physical therapy plays an important role in the recovery process following orthopedic surgery — and it is a crucial course of treatment for athletes, who need to be able to return to their sports safely and effectively to reduce the risk of re-injury.

Do you treat workers’ compensation patients?

I do treat many patients with workers’ compensation claims for shoulder, knee and elbow injuries. My goal is always to help injured workers return to work as quickly and safely as possible.

If you are a referring physician, case manager, patient or caregiver in need of more in-depth information about Dr. Joyce or the procedures he performs, please contact Dickson-Diveley Orthopaedics.