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Injured in Kansas City and in Need of Immediate Care?

A woman who needs ACL reconstruction surgery in Kansas City

Do you have an injury in Kansas City and in need of immediate orthopedic care?

Look no further, Apex has opened an orthopedic walk-in clinic to serve the kansas city area.

We understand sprains, strains, fractures, and sports injuries can anytime. It is exciting for us at Apex to announce the opening of our orthopedic walk-in clinic. As a matter of fact, with KCOA urgent care, you can receive immediate care from the area’s foremost orthopedic specialists and highly skilled mid-level providers.

Can anyone walk in for their injury?

If you’ve experienced an orthopedic injury in the Kansas City area and you’re over the age of 2, you can skip the urgent care or ER. This is because we are ready to care for you. However, if you’re looking for a second opinion, have been dealing with the issue for quite some time, or are in need of a medication refill, the walk-in clinic is not the best option for your care, and you will want to schedule an appointment.

Will there be extra cost if I am seen at the walk-in clinic?

There is no extra fee for our walk-in clinic. We provide care at the same cost with the same insurance coverage as a regular doctor’s appointment.

Where can apex see me for my injury in Kansas City?

You can walk into our Overland Park, KS office located on the Northeast corner of Nall and I-435. You can also walk into our Belton, MO office located next to Belton Regional. Come in during normal business hours to receive immediate care for your orthopedic injury.

Let the specialists at KCOA help provide you with an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan to help restore your active lifestyle today.