Gymnastics in Kansas City

Gymnastics in Kansas City

Gymnastics in kansas city

Gymnastics in Kansas City is growing in popularity, and Apex Orthopedics & Sports Medicine is excited to announce its partnership with the largest meet in the area.


What’s the need?

Each year in the United States, gymnastics is responsible for over 86,000 injuries. Common injuries include labral tears, elbow dislocations, wrist sprains, knee injuries, Achilles tendon injuries, and lower back issues. Moreover, should an injury occur, it is important for gymnasts to see a sports medicine specialist soon. The specialist can arrange appropriate treatment, so the gymnast can return to competition as quickly and safely as possible.




Our Role

Apex Orthopedics & Sports Medicine partnered with Missouri Elite Gymnastics Academy. What does that mean? We provide sports medicine coverage for the Cupid Classic Gymnastics Meet. In fact, Dr. Michael McCabe serves as the official medical provider for the Cupid Classic. In addition, Apex Orthopedics will supply an onsite athletic trainer throughout the meet. Dr. Michael McCabe underwent extensive training to effectively treat athletes of all ages. Furthermore, he specializes in sports medicine and has cared for numerous gymnasts throughout his medical career.


The Cupid Classic

The Cupid Classic is in its 13th year and is the largest competition in the Kansas City area. As a matter of fact, it draws over 1700 competitors from around the nation ranging in ages from 3 to 18 years old. The meet will take place at Crown Center February 16th through the 18th.

The Cupid Classic is hosted by Missouri Elite Gymnastics Academy, located in Belton, Missouri. Additionally, they offer coaching for youth ages 18 months to 18 years. They also offer tumbling classes and community open gym hours.