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What Injuries Do Foot & Ankle Specialists Treat?

Your foot and ankle are composed of many structures that have to work together for you to have proper function, balance and strength. Because the foot and ankle complex have so many parts, people have a heightened risk for injury in this area. Injuries that may seem minor can have significant impacts on your mobility and function in both the short and long-term.

These injuries will fall into one of two categories: acute or chronic. Read on to learn about some of the most common injuries that our foot and ankle specialists in Kansas City treat at Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance.

Acute Foot & Ankle Injuries

Acute injuries occur as a result of sudden, high velocity or high impact trauma to the area. With feet and ankles specifically, the most common acute injuries tend to be non-contact, often due to a misstep, fall, or an awkward landing after jumping. However, receiving direct impacts from forces like crashes or dropped objects are also relatively common.

The pain and loss of function you feel from an acute injury will vary based on severity and the structures impacted. Signs that an acute injury has occurred may include:pain, swelling, a visible deformity, or an inability to move or bear weight through your ankle and foot. 

Patients experiencing any of these symptoms need to seek immediate treatment from an ankle and foot doctor in Kansas City. Some of the most common acute injuries in this area include

Chronic Foot & Ankle Injuries

Whereas acute injuries occur in a split second, chronic foot and ankle injuries develop and worsen over time. What in many cases starts as tolerable pain turns into more severe symptoms over the course of several months and years. 

This pain and soft tissue degeneration can occur for a variety of reasons. For one, a person may have had a prior injury that didn’t completely heal. This happens particularly often with athletes and others with highly active lifestyles, as they may feel they need to “walk it off” if they have a perceived minor injury. 

Another common cause of chronic foot and ankle pain stems from overuse. While these are also common in athletes (such as baseball pitchers or tennis players), overuse injuries can impact people who participate in weight-bearing activities like standing, walking, squatting or running-  on a consistent basis.

Wearing ill-fitting, non-supportive shoes or using improper technique when running or working, can contribute to chronic foot and ankle conditions. These can cause repeated stress to tendons, joints, ligaments, and muscles leading to some initial discomfort. Some conditions that can occur as a result include bunions, hammertoe, plantar fasciitis, and more.

Other co-morbid conditions—like diabetes, vascular disease and excess uric acid—can contribute to chronic foot and ankle injuries. These conditions can drastically reduce blood flow to the area and lead to pressure sores on the feet, as well as conditions like gout and diabetic neuropathy.

Additional chronic foot and ankle injuries include:

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