Dr. C. Lan Fotopoulos Offers New, Minimally Invasive Treatment Option for Chronic Low Back Pain

LEAWOOD, Kan. – Dr. C. Lan Fotopoulos, board-certified interventional physiatrist, is offering a new treatment option for patients with chronic low back pain. Known as the Intracept® Procedure, this minimally invasive option has been shown to be very effective for back pain reduction.

Dr. Fotopoulos is the second Dickson-Diveley physician to offer Intracept. He joins Dr. Theodore Koreckij, spine surgeon, who originally brought the FDA-cleared procedure to the practice in 2017 as part of a clinical study. Based on the study’s superior results, the Intracept Procedure became available commercially earlier this year.

“As an interventional physiatrist, it’s important to stay on the cutting edge of new technologies that provide pain relief without invasive surgery,” Dr. Fotopoulos said. “Seeing the positive results that Intracept brings to Dr. Koreckij’s patients and many others nationwide, I was eager to complete my training so even more people in and around Kansas City have access to it.”

Intracept is an outpatient procedure that requires no overnight hospital stay or restrictions on activities. Pain relief is rapid – typically within two days or less. It works by blocking the transmission of pain signals from the basiverterbral nerve in the lower back, Watch the video below to learn more:

The Intracept Procedure is not for everyone, but it is an option for patients who meet the following criteria:

  • Do not have any spinal instability or scoliosis
  • Do have degenerative changes to the vertebral endplate (also known as “modic changes”)
  • Have experienced chronic low back pain for more than six months that has not responded to nonsurgical treatments

An MRI and physical examination will be performed to determine patients who qualify.

While the Intracept Procedure is expanding to new locations, it is currently available at only three facilities in a nine-state area. To consult with Dr. Fotopoulos or Dr. Koreckij about this and other treatment options for low back pain, call 913-319-7600.


Dr. C. Lan Fotopoulos, interventional physiatristAbout Dr. Fotopoulos: C. Lan Fotopoulos, M.D., is an interventional physiatrist specializing in minimally invasive and interventional procedures in the treatment of spinal disorders, including epidural injections, vertebroplasty, kyphoplasty, radiofrequency ablation, spinal cord stimulation and sacroplasty.


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