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Most Common Injuries Requiring Children’s Sports Medicine

There are a ton of benefits that your child can gain from playing sports. It’s a great way for them to get exercise, stay healthy, be part of a team, and learn valuable life skills. However, every time an athlete takes the field, they put themselves at risk for a potential injury. Read on to learn more about the most common injuries that require children’s sports medicine in Kansas City.

Common youth sports injuries

Different sports will have different injuries that are more common than others. For instance, a baseball or softball player is more likely to experience an arm injury than a sprained ankle. Meanwhile, a basketball player or cheerleader has higher odds of a sprain of the knee or an ankle. 

While many ER visits are due to some sort of ligament tear or traumatic injury (such as a concussion) the bulk of injuries that would require youth sports medicine in Kansas City are the result of overuse.

Though physical activity is crucial for child and adolescent development, too much of the same activity can actually be quite harmful. This particular problem is something our experts see as more youth athletes focus on specialization in one sport. Though there are numerous benefits to becoming a well-rounded, multi-sport athlete, many parents and athletes understandably feel the allure of focusing on one sport, in order to become as good at that sport as possible.

Unfortunately, the downside of sport specialization is that the repetitive, often intense motions that come with that approach leads to overuse. Single sport specialization can make certain parts of the body disproportionately stronger than others and microtrauma can build over time. That’s why the most common injuries that require youth sports medicine in Kansas city tend to be issues such as:

It’s important to remember that children are still growing, and their bones have growth plates that often differentiate their injuries from ones suffered by adults. That’s why adults need to be mindful to approach their children’s health much differently than their own and take measures to prevent these issues.

If your child does suffer an injury, Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance can help with proven children’s sports medicine treatments in Kansas City. Our sports medicine approach can help ensure a proper diagnosis and allow our physicians to develop a treatment plan tailored to your young athlete’s specific challenges and goals.

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