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The Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance is dedicated to providing an inclusive, diverse, welcoming, team-oriented job environment that affords our employees an opportunity to grow and excel in their positions. Our commitment is to each other and our patients. This allows us to deliver the gold standard of patient care, communication, treatment and outcomes at every step of the healthcare process. Customer service, empathy and logic will drive our decision-making and influence our culture of selflessness and charity. This team is greater than the sum of its parts, but each individual’s contribution will lead to the ultimate success of our company.

Essential Physical Demands:

Inability to meet one or more of these physical and/or mental requirements will not automatically disqualify a candidate, or employee from the position. Upon request for a reasonable accommodation, the Company may be able to adjust or excuse one or more of these requirements, depending on the requirement, the essential functions to which it relates, and the proposed accommodation.

  • Must be able to sit, stand and bend frequently
  • Must be able to stand and/or walk for 200ft on a frequent basis
  • Must be able to move equipment and transfer patients with up to 50lbs of force on an occasional basis

Must be able to perform overhead reaching, pushing and pulling with up to 25lbs of force on an occasional basis to position equipment.  

Essential Responsibilities

  • Perform quality x-rays following established protocols
  • Follows guidelines for radiation safety and protection using the ALARA principal along with shielding materials
  • Obtain and document pregnancy status
  • Maintains, cleans and stock radiology suite
  • Ensures the radiology equipment is in proper working order and report malfunctions to the supervisor
  • Properly documents radiologic procedures in patient’s charts
  • Utilizes and maintains the PACS/RIS systems with accurate and orderly x-ray records
  • Rechecks all x-ray charges on orders and ensure the charges are correct
  • Requests all appropriate films for patient visits and update next clinic day for add-ons
  • Reviews upcoming surgery schedules to ensure films are available according to doctor’s protocol
  • Accurately and efficiently charges for images performed/services delivered

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Brings patient from physician pods/treatment areas to the imaging area for completion of testing.

  • Will assist/provide coverage/support for other FDR team members as appropriate to ensure that the collective work of this team is performed in a timely, efficient, and customer-centric fashion.


  • Must be able to project a professional, pleasant image while interacting with a variety of personalities and cultures
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to adapt to situations and problem solve and be a self-starter
  • Ability to work independently and as a team and maintain effective relationships with staff, patients and families
  • Knowledge of radiology equipment and the ability to identify a potentially hazardous situation and notify the radiology supervisor
  • Knowledge of anatomy and physiology necessary to perform x-ray exams including body mechanics and patient movement
  • Must have the ability to plan, prioritize and complete tasks under stress with frequent interruptions
  • Ability to utilize basic office equipment, such as: telephones, computers, copiers, etc.


  • Graduate of an accredited radiology technology program
  • Current certification by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologist registration.
  • Kansas State Board of Healing Arts License
  • 6 mos-1 year relevant experience and/or training, in an orthopedic setting is preferred

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