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When Injuries Happen, Visit a Bone Specialist | Merriam Orthopedic Experts Discuss Treatment Options

Injured athlete sitting on the track and holding his knee before visiting a bone specialist in Merriam.

Regardless of your age, activity level, or lifestyle, musculoskeletal injuries can happen when you least expect them. Whether your injury occurs at a sports game or while doing chores around the house, it’s critical to seek timely treatment to avoid long-term complications. 

Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance is the largest orthopedic practice in Kansas City. Our experienced providers have over 100 years of combined experience treating musculoskeletal injuries to help patients get back to the activities they love. 

We have providers in 6 locations across the city to help when you need a bone specialist. Merriam, Overland Park, Blue Springs, Belton, Kansas City, Leawood—wherever you’re at, we have you covered. 

As the leading sports injury clinic in Merriam, we have the experience, tools, and technology to treat nearly any musculoskeletal injury. 

Common treatment options

KCOA providers will first complete an evaluation, physical exam, and diagnostic tests to create the best treatment plan for you. This can include:

Physical therapy

Movement plays an important role in the body’s healing process. Physical therapy can improve range of motion, decrease pain, and increase strength and flexibility. 

Prescription medications

Depending on your injury, your physician might recommend prescription or over-the-counter medications to ease pain and speed the recovery process. 

Injections for pain

Sometimes, an injection into or near the affected site can help with pain. Our physicians use ultrasound to guide injections and optimize the treatment’s effectiveness. 

Stem cell and PRP treatments

For some younger patients with mild to moderate injuries, stem cell injections or platelet-rich plasma can relieve pain or help repair damaged tissue. Our bone specialists can ask all the right questions to ensure you are a candidate for this cutting-edge treatment.

Orthopedic surgery

Whenever possible, we start with conservative treatments. However, if all non-surgical options are exhausted and you are still experiencing pain and/or limited function, we will guide you through your options for surgery. 

Ready to make an appointment with a bone specialist? 

From Merriam to Blue Springs and Kansas City to Belton, it’s our mission to create a superior patient experience for all. Whether you need a sports injury specialist or an expert in osteoarthritis, our providers are here to help.  

For a thorough evaluation, call us at (913) 319-7600 or schedule an appointment today. If you’re experiencing pain and don’t know where to start, use our symptom tracker for treatment recommendations.