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Bones are crucial for body support, protection, and mobility, making bone health a vital element of orthopedic care.

Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance treats a variety of bone and joint conditions to maximize the bone health of our patients. 

When you choose a bone specialist at Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance, you can rest assured you are receiving top-of-the-line care from highly trained physicians and medical professionals. We strive to ensure you receive accurate diagnoses and effective treatments so you can achieve the lifestyle you want. As leaders in the orthopedic field, you will always be in the right hands for your bone and joint needs.

From osteoporosis and arthritis to bone fractures and more,Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance has the expertise needed for your success.

For Any Condition. For Every Body.

What We Treat


Our Process

The process begins with an initial appointment with a bone specialist in Kansas City. The length varies based on your condition. More complex issues will require more time with your physician, especially if you have multiple musculoskeletal conditions. 


Our Process

Our patient-centric approach means we conduct individualized tests and studies based on your physical examination. Tests may include: 

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • Digital X-ray
  • Ultrasound
  • And Other Medical Technologies


Our Process

After receiving your test results, we have the insight needed to devise a treatment plan focused on your lifestyle needs and goals. We believe bone health isn’t simply a one-and-done treatment process. Rather, we are dedicated to providing effective solutions that evolve with you.

How It Works

Treatment Options

Physical Therapy

A comprehensive bone health treatment plan may include a referral to a physical or occupational therapist to help regain range of motion, decrease pain, and increase strength in the affected area. Typically, the human body adapts and heals through movement, especially when guided by a trained musculoskeletal expert.

Prescription Medications

Your physician may recommend over-the-counter or prescription medications to reduce pain, inflammation, slow down the bone breakdown process, and more. This will depend on your specific needs, symptoms, and other factors surrounding your bone condition.

Pain Injections

Injections directly into the joint or affected area can help with pain. Based on your condition, response to treatment, and your physician’s recommendations, additional injections may be necessary. Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance offers ultrasound-guided injections to visualize the area of concern in real time and optimize your treatment’s effectiveness.


Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive, scope-based procedure that allows our physicians to view affected areas in joints. Often, we can perform procedures to remove or repair damaged tissue to promote healing and joint preservation.

Joint Replacement

Our Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance physicians only make recommendations for partial or total joint replacement when we have exhausted all other conservative measures, or it is apparent that surgery is the only available solution. This is always a collaborative decision. It’s important you feel empowered to make the best choice for you, with your goals and timelines in mind.

About Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance

Meet Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance

Our board-certified, fellowship-trained physicians and surgeons are highly experienced in their respective fields and are considered among the top orthopedic providers in the Midwest. Along with our physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and support staff, Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance physicians deliver the utmost level of dedicated care across a range of subspecialties.

While diverse in background and capabilities, the common thread that brings all of our team members together is our patient-centered approach. We’ve worked hard to build Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance with all the benefits of a large orthopedic collective, while maintaining the community impact and familiarity of an intimate, private-practice model.

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Benefits of Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance

Proactive Care & Long-Term Relief

Not only do we have the tools to diagnose and treat your bone and joint conditions, through our comprehensive treatment plans, we can also help you manage your long-term bone health. 

Multiple Locations Throughout the KC Metro

Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance provides the trusted physicians and clinics you are used to with the convenience of a broad scale practice spanning across the Kansas City area.

Value-Based Care Suitable for Your Budget

We are a private-practice model, offering the highest quality services and treatments without the fees or expenses of most hospital systems.

Cost of Service

The Cost of Care

Each patient at Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance brings their own unique circumstances to our practices. We want you to feel educated and empowered to make the best healthcare decision possible for you or your loved one, which includes understanding the financial realities of each treatment option.

Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance and its partnership with Kansas City Orthopaedic Institute allows us to provide cost savings and convenience in one physical location. By partnering and providing services like imaging, bracing, and therapies, Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance patients see the financial advantages of our practice when compared to larger hospitals or healthcare systems. We will work with you throughout the process to ensure we create a payment system that fits your budget and financial realities.

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Optimize your bone health. Enjoy pain-free living.

Our care is personal. Our team is knowledgeable. And we’re more available than ever.

With access to board-certified specialists across Kansas City, we have the tools to meet almost every musculoskeletal condition. Use our Symptom Tracker Tool to connect with the right Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance physician for your unique needs—and get back to the things that matter most.

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