Belton High School Football Sports Medicine Coverage

Belton High School Football is now being covered for the 2017 season by APEX Orthopedics & Sports Medicine (formerly Carondelet Orthopedic Surgeons).

Sports Medicine coverage of the football team and all Belton athletics is led by Dr. Michael McCabe, a Fellowship trained Sports Medicine Orthopedic Surgeon. In fact, Dr. McCabe and his partner Dr. Scott Abraham will be on the sidelines of all home football games this season.

Knee Injuries are very common in football players.

These can range from something as simple as a bruised kneed to a knee sprain to fractures and ligament tears. More specifically, one common ligament injury that we see and treat is a medial collateral ligament sprain, or MCL sprain. We will diagnose the injury with a physical examination and x-rays of the knee. Sometimes we will order an MRI scan of the knee to rule out other injuries. However, this rarely requires surgical repair as the MCL is very good at healing on its own. Thus, we place the knee in a brace for 3-6 weeks allowing it to rest and heal. Then, once the MCL has healed, the player can return to play while wearing a functional knee brace.

Football Injuries often require immediate evaluation.

Football injuries are not infrequent and sometimes require more immediate evaluation by a qualified Sports Medicine provider. Belton High School football players and all other athletes can be seen at our APEXorthoNOW walk in clinic or can schedule and appointment with any of our doctors or mid-level providers at either our Belton or Overland Park office. Our goal is to quickly evaluate, treat and return the athlete back to participation while avoiding expensive ER visits and long delays which could potentially put the rest of the season in jeopardy and risk additional injury.


The Belton Pirates currently sit at a 1-2 record. The upcoming home game tonight against Raytown South will have Dr. McCabe on the sidelines supporting the strong team of coaches and athletic trainers. Best of luck tonight!


– Scott Abraham, MD

Dr. Abraham has been with Apex Orthopedics & Sports Medicine for 8 years. He enjoys treating patients of all ages but has special interest in hip and knee injuries as well as joint replacement. One of Dr. Abraham’s top priorities is tailoring the treatment program for each individual patient. Many problems can be managed non-operatively or operatively depeding on the patient and the problem. Dr. Abraham strives to present all options to the patient and formulates a treatment program together with the patient.