APEX Supports Signature Healthcare Foundation Top Golf Classic

APEX Supports Signature Healthcare Foundation Top Golf Classic

APEX Orthopedics & Sports Medicine has taken their sponsorship of the Signature Healthcare Foundation Top Golf Classic to the Eagle Level. APEX is donating $5,000 to this event as a key supporter in resources and time. The Signature Medical Group Foundation is the only fund raiser in Kansas City for the Foundation and its Operation Family Help Initiative.

The 2019 Top Golf Classic is April 1 from 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

APEX Supports Signature Healthcare Foundation Top Golf Classsic

Top Golf Classic History

The 2019 APEX Administrator is the current Chair for this annual event in 2019. The previous Chair, Mike Stephenson served three years and still serves on the Foundation board of directors and Top Golf Classic committee. The Signature Foundation Top Golf Classic was one of the first charity fund raisers at the Top Golf facility in Kansas City after it was built in 2015.  The Foundation was looking for a fund raising event to located in Kansas City for local patients to have access. Todd brought the idea of a golf tournament that could be held rain or shine (or snow), allowing for more interaction than a traditional golf tournament and golfers of any ability can compete at this event. It was instantly a successful event for the Foundation and the golfers alike.

Operation Family Help

In three years, the Top Golf Classic has raised more than $200,000 to fund Operation Family Help. Operation Family Help provides financial assistance to patients and families with medical expenses not covered by insurance.  This can include therapy, medications, transportation, splints and supplies.  For more information and some amazing stories about patients that have been helped click here.

2019 Event

As the Classic gets bigger and better, there will be additional “bragging rights” trophies for sponsors to take home. The Happy Gilmore putter, Claret Jug, Golden Bear and the Green Jacket are some of the coveted prizes.  Competition between industry, hospitals, physical therapy offices and medical offices for highest team score and most trenches as well as the humble lowest score.


KC Wolf- Apex Orthopedics

Last year celebrities Hall of Famer George Brett and Kansas City Chiefs KC Wolf visited for photo ops and golfing lessons. George Brett of the KC Royals proved he can hit a golf ball just as well as he can hit a baseball.



George Brett - Apex Orthopedics




There are multiple sponsorship opportunities for teams and individual registrations.

Registration includes:

  • warm-up time
  • two golf games
  • light snacks during golf
  • alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages
  • appetizers
  • awards



For more information or to register visit the Signature Healthcare Foundation website.


Signature Healthcare Foundation’s mission is to utilize physician leadership to improve the quality, efficiency and affordability of healthcare.