10 Tips on Increasing Productivity While Social Distancing

We have all been thrown a curve ball that has upended our usually packed schedules. Culturally, we have been programmed to stay on the go—the busier, the better. But COVID-19 has forced us all to take a step back. Many of us are now trying to work from home, homeschool children, and learn new virtual platforms, which can be very difficult. Even with the new restrictions placed on us, it is still important to maintain a routine. Routines can keep us all from getting lax with work, schooling, physical rehabilitation, relationships, and beyond. Our team at APEX Orthopedics have compiled a list of tips for keeping up with a routine to enhance your efficiency.

1. Do your normal morning routine, even if you’re staying at home all day. 

Set your alarm just as if you were headed into the office or school. Do your normal morning routine, whether that’s showering as soon as you get up, getting an AM workout in, or going downstairs to make coffee and read the news—continue to do it!

2. Make daily goals and give yourself prizes for accomplishing them. 

For example, a piece of chocolate after you’ve organized your closet or a nice long walk outside after you’ve completed an important work-related task.

3. Schedule breaks. 

Set your timer for an hour of work, accomplish as much as you can, then give yourself a breather when the timer goes off. It’s like a Tabata for your brain. 

4. Don’t stay in your pajamas all day. 

This one is especially hard for me, but getting dressed and “ready” will get your mind right to conquer your daily tasks.

5. Stay hydrated and eat your regular meals. 

This is important for your health and immune system and easy to forget when we’re not in our normal swing.

6. Establish new spaces in your home environment to fit your new needs.

 For example, make a homework and schoolwork area for your kids at the kitchen table, a work space in your guest bedroom, and a physical activity space in the garage. 

7. Continue exercising. 

You can try workouts on YouTube or other online platforms, go outside and take a walk, or use TeleMedicine to see your physical therapist if you need to continue rehab. This one is especially important to us as physical therapy is essential to ensuring the success of our patients. Don’t slack on those home exercises!

8. Leave the TV off. 

You can use it as a reward for accomplishing a goal, but watching the news nonstop will not allow you to get much done and will likely not put you in a positive frame of mind for conquering the day. 

9. Set an end to the day. 

Working from home can make it hard to transition your brain from work to home life, so at 5PM (or whatever time your day typically ends) turn off the computer, silence your phone, and pour a glass of wine. 

10. Most importantly, give yourself grace. 

This is new and difficult to navigate. Not everyday will run smoothly and that’s okay, just be willing to try again tomorrow.