What is so different about PRP (platelet rich plasma) and BMC (bone marrow concentrate = stem cell) procedures at KCOA?

Over the last 20 years, thousands of studies have been performed to determine for which conditions PRP and BMC are helpful and what exact formulation of PRP or BMC will lead to the best possible outcome.


First off, the most critical component to success with a PRP or BMC treatment is utilizing these them in for appropriate indications. This sounds simple, however the best PRP or BMC treatment will not work if used for the wrong diagnosis, and many practitioners in Kansas City and around the country recommend these treatments in an undiscriminating manner for any orthopedic condition, often because of a lack of understanding of the mounting body of research behind these treatments. (hyperlink to best articles of 2019).  As a result, these treatments are not uncommonly performed to treat conditions that predictably will not show benefit to these patients. By explaining the chances that a treatment will lead to a good outcome and explaining very clearly when it is not expected to be helpful, Dr. Khadavi saves many of his patients months of recovery time and thousands of dollars of unneeded treatment costs by providing precision in his regenerative treatment options.

Once Dr. Khadavi and his patient decide to pursue a PRP or stem cell treatment, the precise concentration process is customized, with great detail to the concentration of several key components such as platelets, growth factors, white blood cells, red blood cells, and a variety of plasma proteins. Dr. Khadavi and his clinic utilize the most cutting-edge and advanced technologies and evidence to create the optimal treatment from PRP and bone marrow for each patient, and therefore the best possible outcome.


Did you know age plays a role in how Dr. Khadavi concentrates his PRP and stem cell preparations?