ACL surgery in kansas city

ACL Surgery in Kansas City

Are you Anticipating ACL Surgery in Kansas City?

At Apex Orthopaedics in Kansas City, we answer questions for patients and parents all the time about ACL surgery.

We believe it’s critically important to prepare patients for everything involved—both mentally and physically—in undertaking ACL surgery in Kansas City.

As professionals, Apex Ortho can answer all of your ACL questions and assure that you will receive the best quality of care to produce the best results.

A torn or damaged ACL is one of the most common sports injuries.

Most people have heard of at least one person who has torn their ACL and now requires surgery.

This injury is especially common in professional athletes in football and baseball. Jamal Charles from the Kansas City Chiefs recently suffered an ACL injury in a football game.

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What is an ACL and how does it get torn?

The ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) is a major ligament of the knee. It can be torn or overextended when someone pivots and changes directions too quickly.


ACL Tear Symptoms

The most common pain points and symptoms of an ACL tear include:

  • swelling
  • burning
  • a loud popping noise
  • loss of range of motion
  • A feeling of instability in the knee with weight bearing

It’s critical that if you experience any of these symptoms that you contact an experienced doctor immediately. Prompt treatment is vitally important to the healing process for an ACL tear.


Do I need ACL Surgery in Kansas City?

Do you have an ACL tear? A slight ACL tear or strain can heal without surgery and only requires rest and ice. In these cases, scar tissue helps heal and stabilize the ACL ligament.

Your doctor may also advise physical therapy to help you regain strength and range of motion.

However, a more severe tear or a complete ACL tear may mean surgery.

acl surgery in kansas city for seniors

ACL Surgery for Seniors

However, it’s not just athletes that need ACL surgery. As we age, our ligaments receive wear and tear through both injuries & sprains and normal everyday use and weight bearing.

Depending on your medical history and your ability to bounce back after an operation, your doctor will recommend the right treatment for your ACL injury.

Typically, ACL Surgery in Kansas City is not performed on people over the age of X.


how much does acl surgery cost?

The big question, right? Whenever we hear the word surgery, usually the next thing we see are dollar signs.

However, the best way to prepare for an ACL surgery in Kansas City is to talk to your surgeon and insurance company to plan for the costs associated with your operation and downtime.

Your doctor’s office can help you collect any of the paperwork necessary to validate your needs and costs with your insurance provider.



Recovery time for any surgery will vary depending on your own body’s ability to bounce back after an operation.

Most people will need at least X in the hospital alone after receiving ACL surgery in Kansas City.

Post-surgery, your body will require plenty of rest, as well as healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, to fuel the recovery process and ensure lasting results.

Given these measures, you should expect about a two to six month recovery time after your ACL surgery to feel like your old self again.


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